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Purpose of this Awake New Info website is to provide a variety of educational information.
The subject listings are the posted web pages to
the left side of the home page. Such as Laymen
Self Healing, local community support, Farmers Market, Psychic Readings.

Visit Dr & Master Sha Tao Miracle healing
 Soul Healing http://tv.drsha.com/nav.action?home=

Take a look at BA Gu Chinese version of 7 chakras
 of the human body. at page 7 basic chakras

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Give me permission to help you with following:
*** Suffering from a separation in a relationship Email:  cwsunley@myway.com

***  Clear your chakras
***  Need to establish confidence in yourself
***  Need help in deciding direction in your life
***  need life tools to help you with your life
***  Learn to use tried tested methods to enhance
       your life.
       Contact: Chris Sunley 5th level life force Coach
                      healer and shaman.
.Email:  universal69@gmail.com
 Phone: 228-213-6534
 In person-make arrangements
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Courses offered on page courses.
***                 :     DREAM PAINTERS
                         7508 East Pass Road
                         Gulfport, MS 39507
 Pass Te Garden on Pass road next to Attorney's Office Burrell. Look for the Art Sign
Decorate your home or business with beautiful Art.
Psychic Readings contact Information 343-1982
Gulfport MS Area.

" New Universal Vision L.L.C website Published"
   this is your invitation to take a look.

Wounded Warrior Project
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Ayurvedic suggested Flu & Cold remedy

There many reasons why we meditate.
 Here are six of them:
 * heighten your vibration level to achieve
    balance & harmony.
 * Make things right
 * Eliminate all accumulative negative energy
 * Celebrate positive events.
 * Open all your 7 basic chakras and balance them.
 * Eliminate daily stress & trauma.
 * Do you have financial problems? Open and
    balance your second chakra.


** Suggested viewing of web pages on
Laymen - how to self heal
Heart Matters - Life Coaching
Local MS Art
About US

Universal Vision L.L.C. provides the following:

*** 5 Th level life force coach,
       Healer and Shaman
 ** Like yourself, love yourself,
 ** install self confidence,
 ** Loss: relationship, divorce, death of love one,
 ** Loss of job, finances, need of a budget
 ** small business promotion
 ** spiritual promotion, body health
 *** Creating a center for people information/share
*** Help with choice of career choice
*** Provide general Education advice
  *** Marriage non denomination ministering
  ***  Social promotion
  ***  Community Awareness
  ***  Promotion of new start up small business

Wake up people! There is a emergency to conserve our national water reserves. Part of our Country is suffering from drought. Cattlemen and farmers are directly suffering from the lack of water. It has been noted that a human cannot exist for more then seven days without water.

Water reservoirs are drying up, fires are many, Fracturing is contaminating our water system,great lakes shores are lowered. Where are our Nation's priorities? Why is there no plans to national build water cisterns to collect pure rainwater? Build a system to transfer where water is needed? The ancients did it: such as the Romans? Let the middle east take care of itself for a while. We cannot help aid an abet others if we are not strong! Congress get your act together.


      "Look New Offer! "

 Take care of your body. Watch what you eat.
 Know the source of good food. Take care of
 the body. The body supports your mind and spirit.
 Take a look at this farm for good food. Sign up
  and become a member.


       Something New!

Announcing That I am an Ordained American
Marriage Minister Non-denominational. "Hundreds 
of ways to say I do." Perform the following:

*** Traditional vows
***  Roman Catholic
***  Non-traditional
***  Vows for second marriages
***  Vows that include children
***  Vows for older couples
***  Ring vows
***  Vows inspired by the classics
***  Theme wedding vows
Contact: email:cwsunley@myway.com
*** Will provide service outdoors.

 It's official:  Local Promoter/small business
 contact: cwsunley@myway.com 228-213-6534
 Website advertisement. accept donation for

Universal Vision at http://www.universalvisionllc.com

                                Travel Lex
Recommended Reading!

*** Entangled in Darkness - seeking the Light by Deborah King

         *** Be your own shaman by Deborah King
                ( this book turned my life around Chris Sunley)

 *** Truth Heals-What you hide can hurt you by Deborah King

Suggested Web pages to View!

 **  Laymen self healing


  My attempt to describe energy healing!

I am a Shaman apprentice level Five
We believe to be a good medicine man, you need to experience everything, live life to the fulliest. If you don't experience the human side of everything, how can you help teach and heal..
All things in life are connected. The subject matter presented
to the left of this website page relates to human interests..

I am currently studying energy healing in the 21st Century
medicine program, 5th level under my master Deborah King.
My goal has been completed to  level 5. I will continue
to study Tao soulmind healing..

Laymen Shaman - Guide to living your life despite
negative interference. Obtain a calm mind, tools
to deal with the everyday hassles of life.

       Subjects Covered!

*** How to meditate basic
*** Introduction to the five tools to reduce stress
       and maintain balance and harmony.
       (deal with the day to day life stress.)
***  9 guide lines steps to a healthy body, mind, spirit.
***  Short history of Shaman / energy healing
***  Reference reading "Shaman"
***  Links to energy healing
***  Life coaching
***  contact cwsunley@myway.com
***  $25.00 charge
***   Method of payment - Money Order or
***   Cashiers check payable to Universal Vision L.L.C.
***   Mail to 908B Singley Ave
***   Gulfport, MS 39507
***   Your email to cwsunley@myway.com Paypal.

Please Note:

    I have just learned that my website
has been blocked fr0m viewing due to a malware attack! I have taken measure of my own by deleting all pages form website with the exception of half content on home page only wri
tten and blog with only written content.Also,
completed anti malware scan and removal of any maleware. Lesson,
learned no video,links,website or emails. All websites will be printed and emails also. No videos what so ever only recommendations and their printed links. I apologize for any inconvenience to my viewers.

           Shaman believe that all things in this life are connected.
            That knowledge is power, but imagination is the more
            important of the two. Our suggestion is it is a good exercise
            to examine your life's beliefs. Determine what works for you
            now, and replace that doesn't.

            Examples; Religion, marriage,
            parents, occupation, education, finances, politics, government,
            abortion, death penalty, exercise, nutrition, sex etc. It might
            surprise that some your belief do not serve well.

            Here is an example of might helping you to determine your
            beliefs and some may fail your needs.

            U Tube video entitled "The clearest Explanation on
                 money and the law of attraction. by Stuart Wide

             My Way.com - offers
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 Business News,Entertainment,tech news and more!

Christopher w Sunley Ordained Minister American Marriage Ministry
 ( non-denominational)

 Christopher W Sunley 4th level, 3rdlevel and 2nd level energy healing
 certification training now 5th level.
 Contact: cwsunley@myway.com

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David Icke - We think we are Humans.
David Icke 2011 - So who do we think we are? Feat. Bill Hicks, Terence Mckenna, David Lynch, John Hag...
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Universal Energy Field
Universal Energy FieldVince Price℗ 2006 Paradise MusicReleased on: 2006-01-07Auto-generated by YouTube.

                Help the NRDC (Natural Resources Defense Council)

*** Projects to Protect the whale
*** Redford: Keep Shell Out Of the Artic
*** NRDC pressure EPA to protect Bee's
*** NRDC fights for Ban on U.S. Ivory Trade (Save the Elephant population)
*** NRDC demanding clean source of energy power!
*** Keystone XL pipeline Grinds to a Halt

*** " The mission of the Natural Resources Defense Council is to
                     safeguard the Earth: its people, its plant and animals, and the
                     Natural Systems on which all life depends.".

    Help support good works - Enclosed a tax-deductible contribution of: $ _______

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                     Please make your check payable NRDC
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                                   Post Office Box 1830

                                   Merrifield, VA 22116-8030 
                                        Sacred Science

Hi christopher,
Two letters. One consonant and one vowel. It’s one of the go-to words in my dog Oscar’s vocabulary, and almost like magic, it can set you free. But you need to know how and when to say it.
The word is
Talk about an enforcer, right? We all learn the power of “no” in our first year on the planet when it abruptly stops us in our tracks – well, depending on who says it and how. It’s no wonder that the word “no” has a negative connotation – it lays down the law.
If you’re able to read this, you’re no rookie at the English language. So why ramble on about this grouchy two-letter beginner word? I mean, that would be like writing a treatise on the words “I” and “Thou” right? Wait, someone famous already did that back in the 1920s… wink, wink.
The reason is simple. The word “no” can give the adult-you some room to breathe and enjoy this incredible life you’ve been blessed with
on your own terms.
In his famous book
The Road Less Traveled
, M. Scott. Peck wrote:
“I believe it will become clear that not only do self-love and the love of others go hand in hand but that ultimately they are indistinguishable.”
If the spirit path has taught me anything, it is this: in order to truly love and care for others, we must start by being impeccable to ourselves. The most generous and compassionate people I know are also the most protective of their time. Almost counterintuitive right?
The fastest way to take back your time is
to start saying no to things that do not resonate with you.
A small confession: Since I was young, I’ve always been a...
Don't Miss Tonight's Live Talk "3 Keys To Feminine Power"
with Claire Zammit, PhD.
Tonight at
5pm Pacific Time
, Claire Zammit 
who leads the Feminine Power Courses), will share the sacred keys she has discovered through working with thousands of women worldwide.
In her 75 minute talk, you'll learn:
- How to connect with your intuition in less than 30 seconds
- A 2 minute practice to overcome your greatest inner barriers to happiness
- A secret to achieving your BIGGEST dream in 2015 and beyond
Stay curious,
Nick Polizzi
Director, The Sacred Science

Nick Polizzi has spent his career directing and editing feature length documentaries about holistic alternatives to conventional medicine.  
Nick's current role as director of "The Sacred Science" stems from a calling to honor, preserve, and protect the ancient knowledge and rituals of the indigenous peoples of the world.

Hi christopher,
As the new year begins, many of us are reflecting on our lives and taking note of what is working and what is not.  If you're like me, you know that you can do better and are digging down deep to find new ways of stacking the odds in your favor.  
But how can we hack the system?  How can we overcome the patterns that might be holding us back from realizing our fullest potential?
Sometimes it’s extremely valuable to start with a simple question. What is my purpose?  Yes, most of us will spend lifetimes examining and then re-examining this question. But here’s a little drill that can offer a fresh perspective to start off 2015.
Picture yourself years and years from now. 
A much older version of you that has seen almost every grain of sand drop through the hour glass.  This is the oldest version of you that will ever be, because you are about to die.
When you imagine yourself in that place, what do you see?  Are you happy?  Are you breathing peacefully, knowing that you are about to make the great transition after having lived a full life?  Or are you anxious, resisting death with everything you have, wishing to right some wrong or lamenting that you've kept something within you all this time 
and are about to leave this life without having resolved it?
Meditate on this question. 
How would that "future you" want you to be living your life right now?
This isn’t about weighing the pros and cons of decisions made, or factoring in the realities that may be preventing you from living the life you want.  This is about realigning yourself with your mission...
Stay curious,
Nick & The Sacred Science Team

Nick Polizzi has spent his career directing and editing feature length documentaries about holistic alternatives to conventional medicine.  
Nick's current role as Producer of "The Sacred Science" stems from a calling to honor, preserve, and protect the ancient knowledge and rituals of the indigenous peoples of the world.

  Hi christopher,  

Over the past decade of studying different ancient medicine traditions, I've been amazed at how many similarities exist between them.  Whether we're talking about Amazonian Shamanism, Ayurvedic medicine, or the ancient healing traditions of China, the principles that these schools of knowledge were founded upon share many commonalities.   As part of a future production, my team and I are currently cataloging a number of these ancient teachings from around the world and would love to share some of our favorites with you. 
Particularly the passages that seem to span numerous spiritual disciplines.  

There are so many brilliant works to choose from, but this week we're going to look at a few excerpts from the Tao Te Ching.  This ancient book, written by Lao Tzu (which translates literally to "Old Master" in Chinese) is among the most revered sacred texts that still exist today.     The only work that has been translated more times than the Tao Te Ching is the Bible. Its pages have shaped entire religions like Taoism, Chinese Buddhism, and Confucianism and have inspired some of the greatest artists and poets of our time.   The Tao Te Ching translates to The Way...   Click Here to continue reading this article on our blog.   Stay Curious,   Nick & The Sacred Science Team  

Nick Polizzi has spent his career directing and editing feature length documentaries about holistic alternatives to conventional medicine.  
Nick's current role as Producer of "The Sacred Science" stems from a calling to honor, preserve, and protect the ancient knowledge and rituals of the indigenous peoples of the world.

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          TV, movies, etc."

                     The UPS Store
                      box 395
                      45 Harty Court
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(Submit all check, money order pymts)                 
                                     Life Force Coaching
                  U Tube The Money Masters -How International Bankers
                                    Gained Control.
                     How to make a Budget plan
                        U Tube - Do it and take control
                                 and reduce stress, restore harmony & balance
                                 in your life. http://youtu.be/AW51zLBaAtE

                                           The Sacred Science
                                     Top documentary Films - Amazon

                                   Invention of Money & Currency

                    OM Chanting Meditation
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                    Suggest you have good anti virus ware.

                             Sacred Science  (11/14/14)

Hi christopher,    One of the hardest things we encounter in this life is the silent struggle of watching as a friend or family member suffers with an illness. There is a helplessness there that trumps most of life's other seemingly important problems.   About a year ago, I noticed that my good friend Shannon had changed. The vibrant, turbo-smart, and unwaveringly optimistic woman that I had always known was obviously working through something serious, both physically and emotionally. Yes,she was doing a very convincing job of putting on a warm smile and keeping her pain from the surface - but we all knew something was wrong :)   A truly gifted interviewer, Shannon had joined our team to help create the new Secrets of the Ancient Healers program, and it was on an expedition in Central America that she shared the truth about her condition with us.   We were speaking with renowned jungle herbalist and physician, Dr. Rosita Arvigo, and in the middle of the interview, Shannon confessed on-camera that she’d been suffering from uterine fibroids. They had caused excessive, nonstop bleeding for 10 months.  This, combined with a recent diagnosis of hypothyroidism, had likely been the cause of her infertility, considerable weight gain, and a number of other symptoms. Shannon said that all three experts she’d seen had recommended hormone therapy, a route that didn’t feel right to her.   We listened intently as Rosita explained to Shannon—in her trademark blend of both science and spirituality—what she thought was going on in Shannon’s uterus and in those of women around the world. I then witnessed something profound: Shannon’s breakthrough!     You can hear Rosita’s insights in Lesson 22 of Secrets of the Ancient Healers. As for Shannon, she is a living testament to the power of ancient wisdom to help heal today's most pressing health issues. In the past 6 months, Shannon has followed Rosita's suggestions and has experienced a full recovery from her health conditions!   In Shannons words, "Documenting the native medicines of the Western Hemisphere’s was a challenge, but one that proved life changing for me. Since filming the lessons, I have lost just shy of 35 pounds. I found a fantastic herbal blend that has done wonders for my hypothyroidism. And since that especially powerful exchange with Rosita, I have had absolutely no bleeding or pain from my fibroids.  After nearly a year of misery, and thousands spent on treatment!  My gynecologist and osteopathic physician are shocked.  It brings tears to my eyes as I say this, because the teachings of Rosita alone have affected me in ways I’m just beginning to understand.”   ATTENTION ALL WOMEN:   Dr. Arvigo has graciously offered to do a free online call with a small group of you to support the launch of our new Secrets of the Ancient Healers course, and will answer all questions you write in beforehand.   If you are one of the next 50 people to enroll in the Secrets of the Ancient Healers course, you will receive an exclusive invitation to this intimate online call with Rosita!   Click here for details on Secrets of the Ancient Healers   Remember, you only have until Saturday at midnight to take advantage of our 25% OFF early enrollment sale!   With gratitude,   Nick & The Sacred Science Team  
Nick Polizzi has spent his career directing and editing feature length documentaries about holistic alternatives to conventional medicine.  
Nick's current role as Producer of "The Sacred Science" stems from a calling to honor, preserve, and protect the ancient knowledge and rituals of the indigenous peoples of the world.

             There 7 basic chakras that are located within your body
           that are tied to your energy field. A open, healthy chakra
           rotates in a clock wise motion, ( it means wheel of light.) 
               If a chakra remains closed for a period of time it can
           affect your health - end result illness. Chronic back pain,
           bladder or urinary problems, immune system disorder,
           any bone disorder, resist to change,digestive problems,
           liver problems, Gallstones, control freak, not a team player,
           problems with the heart, shoulder, arms, and hand issues,
           such as pain between the shoulder blades, asthma,rules over
           eyes, throat, teeth, sinus,tonsils, thyroid problems,
           thoughts, information, dreams, mild to serve eye problems,
           poor eyesight, cataracts,headaches, nose, brain problems,
           holier than thou attitude, rigid belief system manifested.
           spacy-disassociated with the real world. This is just a
           health issue that may manifest if your chakra or chakras
           are or remain closed.

           You will help me practice my style and modality in energy
           healing. This is a requirement in completing my practice.
           Completed 5th level energy healing. I am not a medical
           Doctor MD, nor a Psychiatrist, or Psychologists. I am a
            Life force Coach and healer.

           contact me at: cwsunley@myway.com I will reply and
           ask questions ans provide suggestions to your health
           Problems. Remember you must give me permission to help

          What is energy healing? 

Hi christopher,
Along our paths toward greater consciousness, there are subtle pitfalls that can stop us in our tracks. One of these is what I call "romanticizing our roots."  And it all starts with a little story.
Our minds crave them - stories, that is. We have a human need to create our own tales that encapsulate the realities we come in contact with and give them personal meaning. The eerie part is that we do it unknowingly. Most of us start the scriptwriting with ourselves and branch out from there, making sure to include cameo appearances by next door neighbors, a splash backdrop of world history to set the stage, and at least one or two heroes and villains to make the plot interesting. Our parents, siblings, and spouses are the usual suspects.
These self-perpetuating myths are especially tempting when we're investigating the practices of our ancestors. Poring over mind-blowing ancient texts and listening to inspiring talks from surviving lineage holders, we are often overcome with a sense of yearning for a return to the ways of old.  We conjure beautiful images of what it must have been like and how pure life could be, but if we're not careful, this nostalgia can lead to disconnection from – and maybe even dissatisfaction with – the world in which we currently live.
The story entitled
Everything Was Roses In The Good Old Days
 has been around forever and remains popular today. I trip over various iterations of it all the time in conversations with others, as well as in my own head. Whether it's a talk about herbalism, permaculture, shamanism, or paleo nutrition, the topic frequently gravitates toward how we have gone downhill on our evolutionary trajectory, creating a world that doesn't serve our fundamental needs as human beings. 
My question is this...
Stay curious,
Nick & The Sacred Science Team

Nick Polizzi has spent his career directing and editing feature length documentaries about holistic alternatives to conventional medicine.  
Nick's current role as Producer of "The Sacred Science" stems from a calling to honor, preserve, and protect the ancient knowledge and rituals of the indigenous peoples of the world.

            Energy Healers, life force coachs, Lecturers, referrals 

ON 20TH JUNE, 2015. With Robin Bela Author, Speaker, Coach and Energy Therapist.'contact:Email/robinbela.co.uk@mnb

Hello Friends,
I have just started recording some free small videos on different topics that might interest you.
Here are the topics already covered: 
First Video : Moving Forward
Second Video : How Can I End The 'Waiting Energy'
Feel free to send me more questions on general topics in 1 or 2 lines, that you would like me to answer in my upcoming videos at mail@robinbela.co.uk. 
These videos are available to watch in the following three ways:
Please see the videos & my daily inspirational posts on Facebook : Click Here
Or Twitter : Click Here
Or YouTube:Click Here
I look forward to connecting!
Much Love,
Robin Bela

+ Refresher Option (See Below*)

Nancy L. Neff Coaching & Healing

** EFT("Tapping") Coach
** Vision & Dreams Coach

        Suggested page reviews!

 **  Laymen self healing


To Be Continued!


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