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Universal Vision
  LLC Non-Profit
        State Of Mississippi                    
           City of Gulfport
       Privilege Tax License
Gulfport Company License # 12826

Purpose of this Awaken now.info is to provide a
variety of educational information. The subject
titles are the listed web pages. Such as: Shaman,
Gulf coast, health tips vets info, opportunity, Guns & Info etc
Within one week this will be a Non-profit LLC.called
                        Universal Vision!

It's here! Non Profit LLC Universal Vision!

Center for educational and variety of information!

... Such as Veterans information contained in Awake page
... Finance, Budget making, loan banking process contained
    in Awake informatio.
... Advertisement space to placed on this website
... Income tax consultation services - personal & small business
... Heath tips
... Alternative medicine
... Coming soon -  Shaman - energy healing
           ... Link to online store - providing herbs, jewelery and teas.
           ... Soliciting donations for the following either by donating
               to the non-profit organization or donating direct.
               Contact by email at:
          1) Christian Appalachian Project - website
          2) Paralyzed Veterans - website
          3) Help me out-individuals who need a financial break.
              such as car repair, partial rent subsidy food, etc.
          4) St Joesph's Indian School - website

please note: Place mouse arrow on website link or email and
                     small  box appears displaying link address and
                     hit control button + click and link will open up.

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pure poison
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carted off to the graveyard.

Who knows how long this list will be up before "Big Brother" catches on... so don't wait a moment longer.

To knowing the truth,

Paul Amos
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Mr President & ms Senator Wicker - please examine the proposed issue
of commissaries under the budget ax. Source: Sun Herald MS Sunday,12/8/2013.by the secretary of defense.
This will affect thousands of military,veterans,retired
military including the employees. This benefit
provides economic assistance to the Gulfport region via Keesler air base. This establishment provides 28 million in sales per year. With a markup of 5%. Lets not forget that this local in question had been affected by Katrina Hurricane and the BP oil spill. I am quite assured that there are other subjects to address which would reduce defense spending to be considered by sec. of Defense. Try Afganistan, Iraq, special ops, Military purchases etc, etc..We don't need another blow to our Local economy..

Check out my New Mobile Alabama  Web Site
Dr. Rima's Report
 Agenda 21 web site

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Web space for advertisement
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          Can place your business card ad on any page
          of this website. Exception Blog page!
          Another example of business card display on
          help tips page.


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Georgia on Your Mind: The Journey
On August 15, 2012 Cancer Treatment Centers of America in the metro Atlanta area will open its doors and arms to patients in the southeast.


                                Website Recommended pages for review
          1.   Fact vs lies!
                                2.   Shaman  - human spirit membership - first case needs
                                3.   Gulf Coast Page   - Cinemark MS, Gulfport Friendly people!!!                        
                                4.    Guns & Info  
                                5.   Travel
                                6..   Promotion
                                7.   Health tips pageOnline health store - home remedies
                                8.  onine store page
                                9. Sandy Cez
                          10. David Icke  - NEW "The Perception Deception" 
                          11. Personal Comments                 
               12. Promotion page - Local business listings Gulfport 
               13. Healing Sounds page
               14. Things to Know /new page -vets  info, budget, lease etc.

The Price they paid by Snopes.Com
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                Top News, Business News, entertainment, tech news Web
       Energy as Medicine

Sea Shepherd's Mission!
"Our mission to end the destruction of habitat &
slaughter of wildlife in  the World's oceans in
order to conserve & protect ecosystems & species.:"
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