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Shaman Chris
 GULFPORT, MS Website Change of

Visit Dream Painters Art Gallery relocate at 2000 pass rd
across from community Bank and dollar store. For sale beautiful original art. call 228-343-1982

I visited Dream Painters today 7/17/7016
Received a reading from Mary Lynn Awad.
She is an authentic psychic who also reads
very accurate, factual taro card readings.
She definitely helped me. I your interested give her a call t 228-343-182. She takes walk-ins.

Mail: Ups Store
         45 Hard Court Shopping CTR.
         Gulfport, MS. 39507

Gulf-port License
http://www.facebook.com/christopher w sunley.50
5th level certified Energy healer& Shaman

It's an essential individual practice!
Prying to the great spirit, God, the source,
is a direct line. There are two types.
Asking and gratitude. You should practice
both. I do.

When in training as an initiate apprentice
you are expected to follow the lesson content, reply to practice application,
and live your present life experience.
That is part of your training. To
interact with the direct training,
an acquire your life lessons to
develop valuable experience. I will not
waste my time with someone who does
not follow these simple requirements.

Dreampainters will be featuring a package deal on Psychic and Shaman services starting on May22 .
Package 1
.ONE complete Tarot card reading

One Energy meditation with Empath /Psychic
One Complete Chakra clearing and balance adjustment
One Horizontal Caelation
Removal of dark qualities and negative issues
Total for package $150
Completing this package as one journey will enlighten your spirit and give you the answers to questions from your past ,present, and future
An energy boost from meditation will raise your vibration and give you joy,excitement, and the ability to find your own truth.
When your Chkras are clear its like starting over with a clean canvas.
Caelation is the final step for a balanced life
Doing this only once will have a positive effect on your inner spirit
Chris Sunely 213 6534
Mary Awad. 343 1982
Please call for individual prices

Announcing! cancelled!
"Every Tuesday of each month."
Shaman workshop at 5:00 P.M.
Relocating our bldg. sold!
Located 750 B Pass Road
Gulfport MS, 39507
Near Te Garden & Pass Rd
Limited Seating only 10 seats.
Must call at 213-6534 or email"
cwsunley@myway.com to "reserve"
your seat. $5.00 donation.
Tuesday 6/14/2016 Subject:
     Meditation - beginners

Starting 6/1616 there will a
Workshop every Thursday at
5:00 PM
Must call at 213-6534 or email"
cwsunley@myway.com to "reserve"
your seat. $5.00 donation.
Subject: Creating Health
Beginners workshop Creating Health

New  Offer no charge
"Long Distance Healing" 
Call in at 228-213-6534
Need Your City Location
and phone number or email address
Let me help you heal. 6:30 PM
to 8:00 PM All content held in strictness
of confidence. Available every Tuesday
Thursday of May 5/12/19/26/31.

For office appointment call 228-213-6534
Set up an appointment via email first.
Email at; cwsunley@myway.com
held at Dream Painters
            Bldg. sold we are relocating!
            750B East Pass Road
            Gulfport, MS 39507
            Near Tea garden & Pass Road.


Offer- Course 4A learn how to enjoy your life!

View our new introduction course.
Universal Vision L.L.C.
        offered by The Life Academy 
        Courses offered Shaman, life coach, and healing

I am a 5th level Energy healing Shaman  iii initiate-in-training

              Offering free introduction course -
       General - information Physical, soul,
       spiritual concept of your life. Don't be
       satisfied  with half a cup full.
       Life - lived it! Your life

Life force coaching- Heath & Spiritual   
hindu over 5,000 years tried and tested.

Purpose of this Awake New Info website is to provide a variety of educational information.
The subject listings are the posted web pages to
the left side of the home page. Such as Laymen
Self Healing, local community support, Psychic Readings.


Ask yourself this question. When is the last time on a clear, cloudless night that you sat down in silence and stared into the night sky to reconnect
your soul with the universe?

I invite you to view
for Energy healing of chakras, and shaman practice. Learn How to heal yourself through many courses offered! Choose to receive services

skype, 16019074393 0r 213-6534 wsunley@myway.com
get an appointment..

TELL ME YOUR Life Story and let me help you
With your life problems.Are you stuck in your life? - Let me help you! It is my mission and belief that
my purpose is to serve and promote "Self-healing.
To provide life tools for the individual to use
 in their daily lives. With the hope that will provide
 self help to acquire balance, harmony, and a     
 healthier and happier individual.



Place mouse over link copy and put into website site  address box.

Give me permission to help you with following:

I am a 5th level  Energy healing, Shaman  iii initiate-in-training Certification Course."Certified"

Let me provide insight, life suggestions so that.you make the
decisions to restore your confidence in yourself. Make yhe right
your choices for yourself.
Email:  cwsunley@myway.com

***  Clear your chakras
***  Need to establish confidence in yourself
***  Need help in deciding direction in your life
***  need life tools to help you with your life
***  Learn to use tried tested methods to enhance
       your life.
  Contact: Chris Sunley 5th level Energy  healer,
.Email:  universal69@gmail.com
 Phone: 228-213-6534
 In person-make arrangements
 View website page


Courses offered on page courses.
***                 :    
Psychic Readings contact Information 343-1982
Gulfport MS Area.


Wounded Warrior Project
 Give your donation
This organization provides compassionate,
 individual and family support for the wounded 
 veteran. Being a Vietnam veteran I recognize the
 much needed support which should be focused
 on our veterans. Please support this exceptional
 organization and give it your donation.

Consider my personal suggestions:
I practice meditation twice a day.
Here some of my rewards.

There many reasons why we meditate.
 Here are six of them:
 * heighten your vibration level to achieve
    balance & harmony.
 * Make things right
 * Eliminate all accumulative negative energy
 * Celebrate positive events.
 * Open all your 7 basic chakras and balance them.
 * Eliminate daily stress & trauma.
 * Do you have financial problems? Open and
    balance your second chakra.


** Suggested viewing of web pages on

I am a 5th level Life Force Energy healing iii initiate-in-training Certification Course. "Certified"
Laymen - how to self heal

Heart Matters - Life Coaching
Local MS Art
About US
What is energy healing


Universal Vision L.L.C. provides the following Services:

*** I am a 5th level  Energy healing, Shaman  iii initiate-in-training Certification Course. "Certified"
        Energy Healer & Shaman
 ** Like yourself, love yourself,
 ** install self confidence,
 ** Loss: relationship, divorce, death of love one,
 ** Loss of job, finances, need of a budget
 ** spiritual promotion, body health
 *** Creating a center for people information/share
*** Help with choice of career choice
*** Provide general Education advice
  *** Marriage non denomination ministering
  ***  Social promotion
  ***  Community Awareness
  ***  Promotion of new start up small business

Wake up people! There is a emergency to conserve our national water reserves. Part of our Country is suffering from drought. Cattlemen and farmers are directly suffering from the lack of water. It has been noted that a human cannot exist for more then seven days without water.

Water reservoirs are drying up, fires are many, Fracturing is contaminating our water system,great lakes shores are lowered. Where are our Nation's priorities? Why is there no plans to national build water cisterns to collect pure rainwater? Build a system to transfer where water is needed? The ancients did it: such as the Romans? Let the middle east take care of itself for a while. We cannot help aid an abet others if we are not strong! Congress get your act together.



    Something New!

Announcing That I am an Ordained American
Marriage Minister Non-denominational. "Hundreds 
of ways to say I do." Perform the following:

*** Traditional vows
***  Roman Catholic
***  Non-traditional
***  Vows for second marriages
***  Vows that include children
***  Vows for older couples
***  Ring vows
***  Vows inspired by the classics
***  Theme wedding vows
Contact: email:cwsunley@myway.com
*** Will provide service outdoors.


                               Travel Lex
Recommended Reading!

*** Entangled in Darkness - seeking the Light by Deborah King
  http://www.amazon.com/Entangled-Darkness-Seeking-Deborah-King/dp/1401938949/ref=sr_1_1?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1376083493&sr=1-1 It has provided me a better understanding the concept of white energy and dark energy.
You don't have to look out side f your self. The source is within you. I know that dark energy seeks white.

         *** Be your own shaman by Deborah King
                ( this book turned my life around Chris Sunley)

 *** Truth Heals-What you hide can hurt you by Deborah King



  My attempt to describe energy healing!

I am a Life force coach and energy healer level Five certified
We believe to be a good medicine man, you need to experience everything, live life to the fulliest. If you don't experience the human side of everything, how can you help teach and heal..
All things in life are connected. The subject matter presented
to the left of this website page relates to human interests..

Laymen self healing - Guide to living your life despite
negative interference. Obtain a calm mind, tools
to deal with the everyday hassles of life. It has
provided me with a guide to deal with my
daily life stress, and trauma. The result?
Happier and healthier. I want to share!

       Subjects Covered!

*** How to meditate basic
*** Introduction to the five tools to reduce stress
       and maintain balance and harmony.
       (deal with the day to day life stress.)
***  9 guide lines steps to a healthy body, mind, spirit.
***  Short history of Shaman / energy healing
***  Reference reading "Shaman"
***  Links to energy healing
***  contact cwsunley@myway.com
***  $45.00 charge
***   Method of payment - Money Order or
***   Cashiers check payable to Universal Vision L.L.C.
***   Mail to 908B Singley Ave
***   Gulfport, MS 39507
***   Your email to cwsunley@myway.com Paypal.

  Energy healers believe that all things in this life are connected.
            That knowledge is power, but imagination is the more
            important of the two. Our suggestion is it is a good exercise
            to examine your life's beliefs. Determine what works for you
            now, and replace that doesn't.

            Examples; Religion, marriage,
            parents, occupation, education, finances, politics, government,
            abortion, death penalty, exercise, nutrition, sex etc. It might
            surprise that some your belief do not serve well.

            Here is an example of might helping you to determine your
            beliefs and some may fail your needs.

            U Tube video entitled "The clearest Explanation on
                 money and the law of attraction. by Stuart Wide

              Cristopher w Sunley Ordained Minister American Marriage Ministry
 ( non-denominational)

 Christopher W Sunley Life fore coach, energy healing
 certified training now 5th level.
 Contact: cwsunley@myway.com

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David Icke - We think we are Humans.
David Icke 2011 - So who do we think we are? Feat. Bill Hicks, Terence Mckenna, David Lynch, John Hag...
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Universal Energy Field
Universal Energy FieldVince Price℗ 2006 Paradise MusicReleased on: 2006-01-07Auto-generated by YouTube.

Your goal is to keep your body healthy
 which supports your mind and spirit.

                Help the NRDC (Natural Resources Defense Council)

*** Projects to Protect the whale
*** Redford: Keep Shell Out Of the Artic
*** NRDC pressure EPA to protect Bee's
*** NRDC fights for Ban on U.S. Ivory Trade (Save the Elephant population)
*** NRDC demanding clean source of energy power!
*** Keystone XL pipeline Grinds to a Halt

*** " The mission of the Natural Resources Defense Council is to
                     safeguard the Earth: its people, its plant and animals, and the
                     Natural Systems on which all life depends.".

    Help support good works - Enclosed a tax-deductible contribution of: $ _______

                    Enclosing a check
                    Charge your gift to __Visa __MC ---Amex
                    card number                                         siganature ----------------------
                     Exp. date________________

                     Please make your check payable NRDC
                     Mail to : NRDC
                                   Post Office Box 1830

                                   Merrifield, VA 22116-8030 

" MyWay.com news,sports,finances,weather,shopping,
          TV, movies, etc."

                     The UPS Store
                      box 395
                      45 Harty Court
                      Gulf Port, MS 395
(Submit all check, money order pymts)                 
                         How to make a Budget plan
                        U Tube - Do it and take control
                                 and reduce stress, restore harmony & balance
                                 in your life. http://youtu.be/AW51zLBaAtE
                                 Excellent video to give you the insight to
                                 provide the tools to tracking your finances.

                               Invention of Money & Currency

                    OM Chanting Meditation
                    Please note that this is a public u tube site.
                    Suggest you have good anti virus ware.

           You will help me practice my style and modality in energy
           healing. This is a requirement in completing my practice.
           Completed 5th level energy healing& Shaman certified.

           I am not a medical Doctor MD, nor a Psychiatrist, or                             Psychologists.
           I am a  Energy healer & Shaman.

           contact me at: cwsunley@myway.com I will reply and
           ask questions ans provide suggestions to your health
           Problems. Remember you must give me permission to help





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