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Purpose of this Awaken Now Info website is to provide
a variety of educational information. The subject listings
are the listed web pages to the left side of this page.
Such as Shaman, Gulf Coast, Health Tips, ETC.


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 It's official: New Online Store

Universal Vision at http://www.universalvisionllc.com
Variety of gift items, products, herbs, teas, incense,
Shaman items etc. Quality products, Customer Satisfaction
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                     Recommended Reading!

*** Entangled in Darkness - seeking the Light by Deborah King

         *** Be your own shaman by Deborah King
                ( this book turned my life around Chris Sunley)
          *** Truth Heals-What you hide can hurt you by Deborah King

I am a Shaman apprentice level four
We believe to be a good medicine man, you need to experience everything, live life to the fulliest. If you don't experience the human side of everything, how can you help teach and heal..
All things in life are connected. The subject matter presented
to the left of this website page relates to human interests..
I am currently studying energy healing in the 21st Century
medicine program, 4th level under my master Deborah King.
My goal is to complete level 4 and continue on to 5 th level
certified shaman.
--------------------------------------------------------  Check out my online store variety of products such as:
Native Remedy Herbs, Vitamins, Assorted Teas, Gifts,
Incense, Sage, Incense burners, Meditation Shawls,
Natural Jewelry, and much more!

               Please Note:

    I have just learned that my website
has been blocked fr0m viewing due to a malware attack! I have taken measure of my own by deleting all pages form website with the exception of half content on home page only wri
tten and blog with only written content.Also,
completed anti malware scan and removal of any maleware. Lesson,
learned no video,links,website or emails. All websites will be printed and emails also. No videos what so ever only recommendations and their printed links. I apologize for any inconvenience to my viewers.
           Shaman believe that all things in this life are connected.
            That knowledge is power, but imagination is the more
            important of the two. Our suggestion is it is a good exercise
            to examine your life's beliefs. Determine what works for you
            now, and replace that doesn't.Examples; Religion, marriage,
            parents, occupation, education, finances, politics, government,
            abortion, death penalty, exercise, nutrition, sex etc. It might
            surprise that some your belief do not serve well.

            Here is an example of might helping you to determine your
            beliefs and some may fail your needs.

            U Tube video entitled "The clearest Explanation on
                 money and the law of attraction. by Stuart Wide

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Native Remedies - herbs/teas/Gifts
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  Good cause: Help me out fund.
  100% funds used for the following:
   such as: *** help with rent emergency
                 ***  emergency car repair
                 ***  Emergency health care -Urgent care
                 ***  Emergency - house/home damage -

              A new division of Universal Vision L.L.C.
              We help those in need. Money donated
               expected to be paid back at no interest and
               reasonable time to repay donation. Money
               repaid used for other help me out needs!

         Help the NRDC (Natural Resources Defense Council)

             *** Projects to Protect the whale
             *** Redford: Keep Shell Out Of the Artic
             *** NRDC pressure EPA to protect Bee's
             *** NRDC fights for Ban on U.S. Ivory Trade (Save the Elephant population)
             *** NRDC demanding clean source of energy power!
             *** Keystone XL pipeline Grinds to a Halt
             *** " The mission of the Natural Resources Defense Council is to
                     safeguard the Earth: its people, its plant and animals, and the
                     Natural Systems on which all life depends.".

    Help support good works - Enclosed a tax-deductible contribution of: $ _______

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                     Please make your check payable NRDC
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                        U Tube The Money Masters -How International Bankers
                                    Gained Control.

     Online store: Native Herbs, Variety of Teas
                       How to make a Budget plan
                        U Tube - Do it and take control
                                 and reduce stress, restore harmony & balance
                                 in your life. http://youtu.be/AW51zLBaAtE

                                           The Sacred Science
                                     Top documentary Films - Amazon

                                       Invention of Money & Currency

                                    Stephen Storc -  Author      

Authored by Stephen Storc
Stephen Storc was assistant to Candy and Aaron Spelling. He also owned his own theater, THEATRX, in Escondido, California where he wrote, composed, directed and produced a new show every month for twenty years. Ekulution is the continuing chronicle of Eku and Aral -- the caregivers of the Universe but more importantly, of Earth and mankind specifically. After the Yosemite Caldera erupts, the United States has changed forever along with the rest of the world. The time had come for the world to work together to mend a planet that had been misused and abused. Peace and goodness toward one another is at the forefront. Averting an inter-galactic war would be the ultimate test of mankind's worth and resolve.

                           OM Chanting Meditation

To Be Continued!


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